7 weeks to go…

Your research is completed, you have come up with some concepts (design ideas…)

NEXT: Get yourself a plastic Barbie type doll and start modeling your design ideas on it (as shown by Fifi at our workshop).
Now is the time to collect and test materials and see how you can put them together.
Remember that your costume will need to be sturdy and able to be worn and displayed many times. Your model must be able to move freely in it. It must not be too heavy or large!

We have had many requests for displays of your work, including a planned exhibition at Te Manawa (more on that exciting news later).

8 weeks to go…

Hi everyone! We are starting a weekly blog to keep you on track and assist with your planning. Don’t forget that you can always contact us if you have any problems or questions.

We hope that you are starting to form some ideas now and have competed some research about your section. Don’t forget to save and print this information for the first page of your portfolio. We must be able to see where your inspiration has come from. It may just be a page of pictures, it doesn’t have to be lots of writing, so GET TO IT!!!

WORKSHOP???? would you be interested in attending a FREE workshop on materials and construction methods??? Let us know by email, and if we get enough interest we will organise this for a weekend coming up…